Super Saturday FAQs

Who will actually teach the workshop?

Dr. Willie Jolley.

Why is Dr. Jolley conducting speaking workshops and seminars?

Everywhere he goes, Dr. Jolley is asked about getting into the speaking business. They want to do lunch or get on his calendar. That is not enough time to explain this business!

This business is too complex to learn in an hour, a month, a year or even several years! But, we offer free introductory materials at for people not ready to even “put their toe in the water.”

Yet, with a solid foundation of information, mentors and coaches, you can build a profitable speaking business.

And that requires an investment!

Remember, because you can speak, does not mean you are building a profitable business!

Is this workshop like Toastmasters?

No! Toastmasters tells you how to speak. The JolleyRich Speaking series teaches you how to get paid to speak!

Is this an entry level program?

This workshop is designed for people who want to become better at selling their ideas, programs and/or products.

This is NOT for people who have a fear of speaking, or no clue about their passion or their basic message, and/or not willing to invest the time and energy in learning this craft.

This specific workshop (with a marketing focus) is one in a series; designed to help you get started on the path to speaking professionally.

There are so many speaking programs out there. Why chose yours?

There are thousands of speaking programs out there. That allows you to pick the ones that will work for you.

Consider these points before making your selection:

1. Research the instructors. Do they make their living speaking professionally or are they professional instructors only?

2. What plan and/or resources will you take away that will help you build your business.

3. Is there ongoing access to the instructor and/or their community?

4. Are you sitting and watching or actively participating in your learning?

Do I get to ask questions?

You may ask any questions! Our workshops have small group settings, taking place in our Washington, DC office. Each person can get individual attention.

What will I take away from your workshop?

  • Clarity of your speaking message and/or passion

  • Decide the best speaking approach for you

  • Determine who is your target market or audience

  • Prepare a Basic Marketing Plan

  • Resource guide: JolleyRich Speaking Guide for Emerging Speakers